A NEW social networking website has been launched under the anti-bullying campaign “I Choose”. The social media website will give children who have been the victims of bullying an opportunity to meet and make new friends. 

NEW Anti-bullying campaign

“I Choose” which has been launched by the company Yoursphere Media inc says the website is created “by kids, for kids”.

The age limit ranges from a young child through to 17 years old.

Available at, the US website is free to access and allows for children all over the world to enter a virtual world.

They are able to design their own avatar character while taking part in online activities.

The social networking website which advertised itself on the basis of “parents don’t need to worry”, has so far been a success in the states with the campaign awareness now expanding across the globe.

Founder and Chairwoman Mary Kay Hoal is a nationally recognised Internet safety expert who also provides safety-focused practical technology tools and tips for parents at

Ms Hoal said: “We have seen that programs like these can have a tremendous impact in the classroom,

“The simple, positive, straightforward approach of ‘I Choose’ makes it easy for all students to absorb the message and apply it to their own circumstances.

‘I Choose’ challenges youth to stop, think and make the right choices, and lets them know it is within their power to make the right choices.”

Social networking website created for children who are victims of bullying.

Further information regarding the campaign can be found on the website, which also offers guidance to parents who have children who are experiencing bullying.

To help raise awareness of the new campaign, children’s television channel Nickelodeon showed its support this year at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards pre-show event.

As a number of young television and film stars pledged their support by signing their autograph on a one-of-a-kind poster due to be auctioned in the near future, with all proceedings going to the ‘I Choose’ charity.

Stars included those from The Hunger Games, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and Good Luck Charlie.


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