Zakir (third from the right) with the team of local volunteers cycling from Glasgow to London.

TEESSIDE volunteers have been working closely within the Middlesbrough community raising around £75,000 for charity.

Zakir Mahmoud, 22, Middlesbrough, became involved in charity work around two years ago, as a way of supporting people who are suffering from around the world.

He said: “From just seeing what is happening in the world such as the tsunamis, the droughts and people dying, I realised just how good I have it. After knowing all that, how can I just sit back and do nothing? So all of us got together and got involved.”

Zakir and a group of local volunteers are organising a trip to California to help raise money for the charity. The trip will include a sponsored iCycle bike ride around Death Valley located in the desert.

Money raised as a result of a number of collections and events in the local area has been split between Islamic Relief and the Water4Life campaign.

The team of local volunteers who work towards raising money in the local community have already taken part in one bike ride last year, cycling from Glasgow to London over a period of ten days.

He said: “It was immensely difficult as we were all just normal lads who had not really trained much. There was injuries, break downs, getting lost, running out of water, but we came through it in the end.”

In the North East there are approximately 300 volunteers contributing towards the charity, and for some it is work which they feel is necessary.

He said: “We all do this charity work so we can make a difference in the world and because we believe its a duty of everyone to do as much as they can.”

If you wish to donate money towards the Death Valley bike ride and the charity please visit https://www.facebook.com/iruk.northeast for details.

Islamic Relief (IR) is an international aid and development charity, which aims to alleviate the suffering of the world’s poorest people. Please visit http://www.islamic-relief.org.uk for further details.


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