It’s that time of year again. The day where all singletons wake up to their alarm instead of a cosy hug from a loved one, realise the date and slump back under the covers.

Valentines Day: A day for spending money not love. (Picture taken by Sally Thurrell)

Not only are we faced with our colleagues at work if it unfortunately happens to fall on a working day, asking as soon as you enter the office “Did you get any then?” but we are now hounded by social networking websites too. The day in question is Valentines Day, also interpreted by many as Lets-rip-everyone-off Day.

As Valentines Day returns each year, it is hard to distinguish whether to feel more sorry for those who are not in a relationship and spending it on their own, or for those who are in a relationship and are forced to pay the excessive prices.

No wonder we avoid the retail stores like the plague as it creeps upon us, it is ridiculous how we let a so called traditional yet outdated date dictate what we do each year on February 14th.

David Halpern recently expressed his views in the news this week on the lack of social relationships being worse for our health than smoking.

As he tries to encourage the older generation to carry on working past their retirement age, he believes loneliness is more harmful in the long run. If this is the case then we surely don’t stand a chance do we?

Is it due to comments similar to this that are causing all of these dating websites to pop up on our desktops as we start browsing the internet? These websites advertising for you to meet your ‘soul mate’ are breeding faster each day, allowing people to believe ‘this is how everyone is doing it these days’.

It is becoming the norm to meet your partner online and it is for the worry of ending up grey and lonely which fuels these money making businesses.

Most would agree that they believe Valentines Day has turned into a gimmick for retail and is just a day for pointlessly spending money. Like most of the holidays now it is not the thought behind the gift, but more the thought of ‘what can I buy that they don’t already have?’.

Romantic relationship expert Sharon Kell founder of Coco Moon based in the North East says: “Trying to find true love should not be regarded as the ‘magic potion” that will transform your life and make you totally happy.

“Finding a partner cannot fulfil you in every way. If there are gaps in other areas of your life then you will still feel there is something lacking.

“I strongly believe that when people live a full and balanced life and actually like what they stand for then finding Mr or Mrs Right is not as difficult as it may initially seem.”

So who is this St Valentine? The person who has a lot to answer for. Well the story goes that his name was Valentinus and he was the patron saint of love and happy marriages he was executed on the 14th February the year of 269.

To sum it up Valentinus restored the sight of his jailer’s blind daughter and on the eve of his death, the legend says he penned a farewell note to the jailer’s daughter, signing it, “From your Valentine.”

So there we have it, the explanation behind the dreaded day. I bet in hindsight if St Valentine knew how famous he was going to become, he would have put a lot more money and thought behind that note.


About Leanne Daisy Johnson

I am an aspiring young journalist currently studying an MA in Journalism with a background in Fashion Communication.
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